Bishop Ough Issues Statement on Trump Immigration Order



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Prooftexting... defined as using isolated out of context quotations from a document to establish a proposition in order to introduce one's own presuppositions or agenda. Bishop Ough's use of Matthew 10:40 definitely qualifies as maximum prooftexting in order to insert his own agenda.

the enemy hates clarity more than 4 years ago

Nice out-of-context use of Matthew 10

If one actually reads that chapter, one sees that Jesus is talking about the welcome His disciples receive - or don't - when He sends them out 2 x 2 to announce that the Kingdom has come and the Messiah is here.

It's discouraging that a bishop would misrepresent Scripture in this way.

Lynne more than 4 years ago

Oh my word!

What a tempest in a teapot! Maybe one day United Methodist leadership and I will be on the same page but once again this is not the day! Trump is NOT attacking immigrants! He has issued a 90 day suspension of immigration from countries that would most likely contain radical Islamic jihadist terrorists so that we don't make as big a mess of it as Germany did; Germany is a lesson in how not to deal with Syrian immigrants. The basis of his order is to maintain the individual freedoms Americans possess. Muslim immigration is still allowed from other countries such as Saudi Arabia! Shortly after the election a young Muslim female immigrant came clean that she voted for Trump; the reason was she felt that Trump was the candidate that saw the threat of Isis for what it is. This young Muslim woman had come to America to be safe and Trump was her hope for protection from radical Islamic terrorists. Wake up! Listen to the bigger picture! Be grateful that America is picky about who it lets in; it is the very reason everybody wants to come here!

Betsy more than 4 years ago