Can Queer Pride Save the American Church?



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Homosexuals are people to be loved

That is what this article from a conservative evangelical states:

As a conservative/traditional orthodox person, the problem has never been about hating anybody it has been about those that have demanded that I buy into their way of thinking and if I don't then I hate them. If I am very honest, those are the people I come closest to hating!

Betsy more than 5 years ago

Excellent commentary

The strangest thing about the hatred the right-wing perpetrates upon our LGBT Brothers and Sisters is their "sincere belief" they are directed to respond thusly by deity. Ask yourself: "What kind of 'god' would say to heterosexual people, "Go, find each other, get it on, and have fun! You are truly blessed!" but to LGBT folks, "Wait, not you." A person of integrity could never find such an evil false god worthy of worship. The antigay bigotry in the U.S. around the world, and in the United Methodist Church has never been informed by religious doctrine. Religious doctrine or the manufacturing and rationalization of it, has always been secondary to the bigotry. The bible can be read to justify all sorts of atrocity. It was used to justify feudalism and slavery, the oppression of women, institutional racism, prohibition (we Methodists are especially culpable on that one -- it was Midwestern Methodists that pushed it along with other Mainline churches, in large part due to our abhorrence of the alcohol consumption of Catholic immigrant and second-generation persons that we imagined ourselves to be better than - on up to the heterosexism and transphobia of today. To our fundamentalist Brothers and Sisters we say, you are beloved but your atrocious behavior will not be endorsed. You have no right to demand lesbian and gay couples not kiss at airports. We love you but we hate your sin.

George Nixon Shuler more than 5 years ago