Can the Center Hold? Can We Muddle Through?



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HOw is this a strength?

Adam Hamilton, an ordained elder in the UMC and pastor of a large local church who is well-respected within the denomination writes a book ,"Seeing Gray in a World of Black and White: Thoughts on Religion, Morality, and Politics" Then, out of concern for what he reads in Hamilton's book, Bill T. Arnold, another well-respected ordained elder and seminary professor and Old Testament theologian counters with a book "Seeing Black & White In a Gray World: The Need for Theological Reasoning In the Church's Debate over Sexuality". Even as Arnold expresses his respect of Hamilton and what he has done, he effectively counters what Hamilton has written thought by thought. Both are well-written and easily understood.They come from totally different perspectives . They both start with God and come to different conclusions. They both exhibit a Wesleyan understanding of Christianity and yet the two books could not be more different. As a person in the pew, who do I trust? Who is "right' and who is "wrong"? Where does the UMC go from here?

Ella Pauline more than 5 years ago

Diversity run amuck!

"But as a person who wants to avoid schism, who believes that our denominational diversity and pluralism are strengths...." Really? Then you obviously have not spent time in a mid-sized local church that starts randomly blowing in the wind of whatever pastor walks through the door. Theological diversity run amuck--which is what is currently rampant in the UMC--is toxic and harmful and I am living proof of it. I have monitored the UMC for the past couple of years and have discovered a level of messiness and confusion that exceeds my expectations of what should be present in any organization that hopes to survive.

Ella Pauline more than 5 years ago

Muddle through

So, we have reached a point where muddling through is considered a success. Hardly a recipe for vitality. This author calls same sex marriage a social issue. It is actually a question of doctrine. That is why middle of the road compromises are difficult to find.

Kevin more than 5 years ago