Christian Values and the Presidency



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Moral base

War, abortion, same sex marriage, care for the poor and many other political issues all have a moral dimension but we can never agree on what that means for public policy. This writer clearly thinks that President Trump lacks morality. I am not seeing any of the Democrat candidates that makes me believe that they are any more moral.

Kevin 230 days ago

Trump does lack it

Demand it, as a voter and a constituent. Require it for primary votes. Shout about it loudly from the rooftops.

If candidates are unable to clear a moral hurdle, you should vote for one who can. Always.

JR 230 days ago

Seriously? Applying moral hurdles to politicians?

Take Pelosi, for example, who prays daily for everything, including Trump, but has long been on the Vestry of the Church of Late-Term Abortion? Slick Willie? Teddy "I'll drive" Kennedy? In either party, the morals are laughable...

There are many examples of the wisdom of our Founders who believed in separation of church and state. We can require basic levels, but they who lead us in church are one thing vs. those who lead us in preserving our capitalist economy, our freedoms, our safety. These are different things. Defined needs and expected results are different.

Reese 225 days ago

Coulda, woulda, shoulda

Every Christian in America should start from that point of view.

The evangelist crowd have basically sold their moral compass in order to have some judges be confirmed.

JR 231 days ago

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