Are Older People Useless? Does Dan Patrick Want My Husband To Die?



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Justice without mercy...

And one inappropriate comment forever condemns a person and totally negates their life. Dan Patrick is no more or no less human than any one of us who are dealing with something we never thought we would ever see again--a worldwide pandemic of a new disease for which we have no defense. So cut him some slack! He was no more prepared for this than any of the rest of us!

betsy more than 1 year ago

Dan Patrick

He repeated his statement this week. So that's two inappropriate comments.

Anglo-Methodist more than 1 year ago

Measured tones? Taking the high ground?

Although UM Insight apparently chose not to post my response to this article last week, I hope it was provided to the author. Reading the criteria below describing what comments are not posted, I fail to see anything I wrote that was off topic or abusive. By contrast, I think the article itself is first abusive to the state Lt Gov Dan Patrick and is an “ad hominem attack” on this individual, demeaning to him, and hateful toward him. I am not sure how Wallace uses “measured tones” as a description of this post or how wil describes this as “taking the high road.” Guess we have very different concepts of those phrases.

Scott S more than 1 year ago

taking the high ground

It seems that there are some who's priority is the pennies in their pocket rather than the people in their precinct. Obviously, dan patrick saw the spotlight and proved where his treasure and heart are. The words of Abraham Llincoln; viz. 'better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt' seem very applicable in this case Thank you Rev. Thomas for taking the high ground showing how to love neighbor and to love God.

wil more than 1 year ago

I'm personally astounded

Patrick is working off of a logical fallacy.

There are more possibilities than 'economy dies' or 'older people sacrifice themselves'.

He's a fool.

JR more than 1 year ago

Dan Patrick

Thank you, Rev. Thomas, for expressing in measured tones the outrage most of us feel at Dan' Patrick's idiotic statement. I'm 94 years old, veteran of WWII, had 46 years of active ministry, volunteer at The Gathering Place, our local church's ministry to persons with early onset dementia, etc. I will work against his re-election: our state deserves better.

Wallace Shook more than 1 year ago