Ask the Thoughtful Pastor: Do You Believe Anything in the Bible Is True?



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It's Like a Rorschach (Inkblot) Test

People see exactly what they want to see. Those who have animus toward other groups find scriptures out of context to justify their bigotry. But when Jesus said, "If thine eye offend thee, pluck it out," none of them did.

George Nixon Shuler more than 4 years ago

Bible, true or false?

Wow, imagine the pressure on Christy as she proclaims herself the moderator of Biblical truth who can decide for another person what is true and what is not? Some of us believe the Bible is the Word of God and others don't... that's not the problem here. Wanting to maintain her place in the church, she says the Bible is true; but wanting to be faithful to her "progressive" agenda, she says it's not true? With all her degrees and self-proclaimed knowledge, she misses the point of faith that even a child can believe... this is a very sad story of a woman who's lost her faith.

Buddy Whatley more than 4 years ago

Stay on topic

Why don't you try sticking to the discussion point rather than an amateurish analysis of her motivations? Can you be more specific on what you mean by believing the Bible is the Word of God? Perhaps it's a yes or no issue but we might not all agree with your perception of the Bible.

David Mercer more than 4 years ago

Here we are......

This article highlights the very nature of the conflict that UMC finds itself. The interpretation and authority given to Scripture. Liberal Christianity cannot accept inerrancy or infallibility and orthodoxy cannot accept the loss authority taken by liberal Christians. We cannot co-exist in a "loose association" or in a "third way". Authority of Scripture means different things to different people. And Outler was wrong on the Wesley Quadrilateral.

Jeff more than 4 years ago