Church and State: An Impossible Divide



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I believe Jefferson's concept

...of "a wall of separation between church and state" referred to legal procedures, not people.

Concerning candidates, one's religious affiliation is certainly fair game. However, one must remember, John F. Kennedy's Catholicism was light years apart from Rick Santorum's, just as Jimmy Carter's Southern Baptist basis is so separated from Mike Huchabee's. The Udall Brothers (Stewart and Morris, as well as their sons Tom and Mark) were essentially "Jack Mormons," a status similar to being a lapsed Catholic or Backsliding Baptist, while Mitt Romney's was establishmentarian and different from the radical interpretation of LDS theology of Glen Beck (where Mitt got his plutocracy I can't say). Keith Ellison's Islam is different from that of terrorists. Richard Nixon was not your usual Quaker. Then there's Bob Dole and George McGovern, both Methodists and Freemasons, who were lifelong frenemies who found common ground. Study before you vote! Vote for the party platform and candidates which support your views, and consider the whole person includuding his of her faith. Everyone else should do the same.

George Nixon Shuler more than 7 years ago