Church Split Headline: The Orthodox and the UMC



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Unanswered questions?

The contention taking place within the UMC is the result of a very real difference: those who wish to stick by the clear council of the scriptures vs. those who believe the church must adapt to modern mores in order to draw people to Christ. Underlying this difference are important questions: Are the scriptures inspired truth? Is sin a reality for all people? Does the church serve people better by absolute acceptance or by featuring the transforming power of the Holy Spirit? How one answers those questions will decide which side of the contention one falls on. As Jesus said, 'I came not to bring peace but a sword'. Facing his truth will always bring people into conflict with the world's truth.

Stephen Bailey more than 1 year ago

Who's More Like Putin

Let's see, who's more like Putin who is against a split and the financial problems it would bring to the church? The traditionalists who are offering a gracious exit to those who want to leave that allows them to take all their property and their assets? Or the centrists who offer no exit and will force churches to remain in a denomination they desire to leave?

Rob Renfroe more than 2 years ago

The definition of orthodoxy...

Is right teaching.

Reality is that everybody is working from their own understanding of what teaching is right. Traditionals have their own orthodoxy that is rooted in historic Christianity because we believe that a single doctrine was handed to the Church once and for all. Progressives have their own orthodoxy rooted in a belief that humanity has evolved in our understanding of God. John Wesley's theology was firmly grounded in historic Christianity because he believed that a single doctrine had been given to the Church once and for all. From that perspective then traditionals do have the more valid claim to historic Wesleyan orthodoxy.

betsy more than 2 years ago

"Right Teaching" = "Political Correctness."

Fixed it for you.

George Nixon Shuler more than 2 years ago

Huh? You can't "fix" what ain't broken.

Ortho = Straight, Dox = Teaching. Betsy's definition of "orthodoxy" was perfectly orthodox.

On the other hand, "political correctness" has absolutely nothing to do with Christian theology and everything to do with the New Left's penchant for doublespeak.

jr more than 2 years ago