Do NOT Impeach Donald Trump or God’s Wrath Will Fall



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Wake up people! He has already been impeached!

Bevan 154 days ago


Thank you Christy for showing the absurdity and ridiculous doctrines that are being spun by supposedly learned and pious Christians. Even though the Truth is indeed self-evident to any fair and faith-based person, their reasoned voices are being drowned out by political hacks and Christain hypocrites.

rodger ricketts 202 days ago

Satire? Usually satire was funny, this is simply sad...

Poor ol Christy... She tries so hard to be clever. Here, she blends her boiling feminism with super-charged "Never Trumper", then spiced by her failed-clergy bitterness into a pure baloney burrito. She wraps it in fake satire, but I ain't buying it! Of course, her kitchen is the ultra-liberal wing of the self-destructing UMC where the liberals there generally support grown men being able to walk into the restrooms where our daughters, our wives and mothers go for a "rest" and to address personal needs. That's not satire, that's just nuts!

Reese 223 days ago

Good satire...

Shows respect to those you are trying to caricature even though you do not fully understand the people who you are attempting to caricatured. This is not good satire. It in no way reflects why I voted for Trump or why I am against this attempt to impeach the President. When I voted for Donald Trump, I was making the best of a bad situation. I still wish that there had been a better choice than Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton. And I still stand by my decision. I was more relieved that Hilary Clinton lost than Donald Trump was elected. I have not been impressed with how President Trump has handled himself. However, I cannot help but wonder where we would be if, instead of actively setting out to make sure President Trump failed, those in Washington had at least shown him the respect due to the duly elected President. Who knows where we would be if people in Washington had done the job they were elected to do rather than targeting somebody who is different then them. Donald Trump did not create the divide in America, his election revealed it in all its intolerant ugliness.

betsy 223 days ago


Why was this blog even posted? It appears to be mean spirited, hateful (to the President of the U.S.), condescending (to anyone who would support him or anything he does), as well as disjointed, lacking in clarity, and just plain wrong in oh so many ways. Surely you can do better than this.

Scott s 224 days ago

why not?

How utterly sad that the bold caps-lock word that opened this piece; viz SATIRE, apparently was over-looked.
I remember reading a number of years ago that the cause of the end of life on this planet is not going to be;
famine, disease, thermonuclear weapon exchange or any other horrifying events. The end of life on this planet is going to be gravity. We have all become so down, angry, offended, and depressed about every trivial thing we don't like that it's going to kill us all. Rx take two whiffs of helium whenever needed. It will help you lighten up and you'll sound like Minnie Mouse for 30 seconds when you try to say anything. It's Thanksgiving, rejoice at all of the blessings you have received and revel in the great life we each have been given. Praising God from whom all blessings flow.

w.f. meiklejohn 224 days ago

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