For Goodness Sake, CANCEL GC2020! Unfortunately, We Can’t Do This Legally



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With international air travel to this country being severely curtailed, and even domestic air travel being affected, witll it even be possible to get all the delegates in place, if Mineapolis still allows us to come? what if they close their convention center? Etc. etc. etc.

Genie Kistler more than 1 year ago


When did keeping the law become important?

Richard F Hicks more than 1 year ago

2020 GC

Well, this is a fine mess we've gotten ourselves into.

Marcia R. Dodd more than 1 year ago


I suspect the city of Minneapolis may weigh in on this issue. That city may not be keen about hosting an international assembly.

Rich Peck more than 1 year ago

Do the Rules Mandate Non-Delegates Be Kept Out of the Bar?

I know that's generally how it's done, but is there an actual rule requiring that non-delegates be removed from the bar? If not, we can designate the entire planet to be within the bar and proceed with remote voting.

Alternately, do the rules require the bar of the conference to be one contiguous area? If not, we could simply define the bar of the conference as the space occupied by any duly elected delegate.

Finally, if it does require that space to be contiguous, we could connect all those spaces with millimeter wide paths if necessary.

Dan Roth more than 1 year ago

Do not cancel

We must put this behind us so we can heal and stop all the ugliness! Take health precautions, but please do not cancel this conference. We cannot continue this way! There will always be some barrier to stand in the way, just be aware and take extra precautions. If an underlying health issue, is a problem for a delegate, send alternate.

Vic more than 1 year ago

Don’t cancel

We need to get our current nightmare behind us so Traditionalists and Progressives can go their separate ways and re-establish enthusiasm among their members. Cancellation will force many to throw their hands up in disgust and simply walk away and search for a spiritual home elsewhere. Those who are desperate to avoid the inevitable probably do wish we would cancel and continue in our downward spiral. But if Rev. Thomas is correct in saying no budget if no GC, then cancellation will kill the denomination anyway. I can live with the budgets for several General Agencies (Church & Society comes to mind) and the Episcopal Fund being reduced to zero. Bishops who refuse to uphold our Book of Discipline don’t deserve to be paid by church apportionments. Let the annual conferences be responsible for those bishop’s salaries and expenses.

John more than 1 year ago

Cancel GC?

Traditionalists have already gone their separate way, another 10 day gathering to act like U.S. politicians, loudly confronting each other isn't going to change that. Wanting to get rid of bishops, demanding local control of congregations is centering on so much negativity., and recalls part of our denominational history; viz. the Methodist Protestant Church of the early 1800s. Maybe, we are dealing with "ANTI-Baptists"? All of the 'rules' mentioned in the article are human-made; humans can change them. The identities of every delegate and reserve delegate are known; send a communication to each of them seeking their vote on whether to meet or postpone and the majority decides; or get together, 'spread the (lack-of)peace' bringing further toxicity to the world . "Love never demands it's own way"; "When will we ever learn"?

wil more than 1 year ago