From 95% To 5% Church Attendance: Clergy Overreach Or Evil Feminists?



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Quebec is French

Quebec is culturally French and the French have been at war with religion since the 1800's. The religion of France is now secularism. It doesn't really surprise me that French Quebec has followed suit. I think, however, there is a break in your logic to assume The United States as a whole will follow Quebec into state-mandated secularism
I am 100% with you in applauding the removal of barriers for women; however, the time for choosing when to reproduce is before you've already reproduced a child via conception. Regardless of whether you believe abortion should be legal, an issue which should be decided by the fifty legislatures of these United States, it is certainly,I hope you would agree, not a procedure which should be applauded or celebrated since it involves the termination of an innocent life in which our loving and gracious God may have already implanted His soul. So you really lost me there.

John more than 1 year ago

Is God "pro-life"?

Recent research has shown that "as many as 75 percent of fertilized eggs do not go on to result in a full-term pregnancy. This statistic includes both miscarriages and failed implantations that usually pass without the mother ever missing a period or knowing conception took place...Laboratory studies on IVF patients have found that a very large percentage of eggs harbor chromosome abnormalities (the leading cause of miscarriage)." Clearly, the loss of fetal life is of little consequence in human reproduction.

While the Bible is silent on abortion, there is the instance where a man striking a pregnant woman and causing her to miscarry is subject to a fine, or death if the woman dies (Exodus 21:22). Now some have tried to translate the passage in a different manner, but the earlier Code of Hammurabi and the Hittite Code have very similar provisions: a fine for the miscarriage and death if the woman dies. The present day pro-lifers have positions that are contrary to scripture and God's own example.

David more than 1 year ago


Genesis 1:26 makes it clear that each of us is made in God's image, so an abortion kills an image bearer of God.

The Answer is in the Book more than 1 year ago

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