Hate the Sin of Homosexuality or Assume Truth?



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Sometimes the Truth hurts, but stay with the truth!

Like Peter, Paul and Wesley, Jesus identified sin on a regular basis. He even told the Pharisees they were like a pit full of vipers. But Jesus did the loving thing to give them a chance to change. He wept on the way to Jerusalem on the donkey, for He know how many un-repentant sinners were there - lots of them! Jesus began His ministry with the words "Repent and turn back to God." Sinners don't need your or my approval - they need God's forgiveness!

Romans 8:6 says "The mind-set of the flesh is death...". So could you plan to accept their sin for now and hope they change later? I don't see that working. Once you have accepted their behavior, they see no need to change. Jesus said "Follow Me" and if one stopped to bury the dead you missed! You missed going with Jesus! The time to repent is now. Jesus didn't "shut down the hope of conversation and understanding" with the Pharisees by identifying their sin. He made plain what they needed to do to be acceptable to God. And Praise God, a few of them did!

Skipper Anding more than 5 years ago

One other thought

In your article, you talk about when orthodox conservative Christians do not accept the validity of same gender relationships as also being ordained by God, you reference that we have challenged them at the core of their identity. At the core of Christian identity is love of God and love of others; this particular group of liberal/progressives are failing miserably at loving others because they do not care who they insult or run over as long as their agenda is met.

Ella Pauline more than 5 years ago

My understanding of freedom

My freedom ends where the next person's begin. I am a conservative orthodox Christian. I do not wish any harm to come to anybody struggling with sexuality. I want the United Methodist Church to survive intact. This insane argument over same gender relationships is not sufficient reason to split. And I call it insane because the only thing that has been designated to speak for the whole church has spoken on this matter time and time again. Liken General Conference to the account of how the apostles chose to replace Judas: they narrowed the choice down to two and then to give God a voice they cast the dice for the final decision; they rolled the dice one time, accepted the answer and moved on. Why do we have to keep "rolling the dice", all the while destroying the integrity of General Conference. After monitoring the argument extensively for several years, what I see is a very minority group of liberal/progressive fundamentalists who have been given room to pitch their temper tantrums because they have not gotten their way. Now we are being asked to accept all sorts of gymnastics--including special handling of legislation that deals with the same gender question--in hopes of getting the "right" answer. It is not the question that is destroying the church, it is this very minority group of liberal/progressives who can not begin to conceive they just might not have the right answer and continually keep this issue at the boiling point. Even as they acknowledge the votes are not there for a change in the Discipline they talk about "we are coming for the institution" with "piss and vinegar" because "the time has come". How do these heavy-handed threats play out if the votes are not there? There is absolutely nothing Wesleyan in the way they are trying to accomplish their agenda. They represent a brand of Christianity I do not agree with and want no part of! The goal should not be about placating them the goal should be to silence them so that they no longer control the agenda of the church so that the discussion can move away from this distraction.

Ella Pauline more than 5 years ago


I have been accused of a lack of compassion for the Religious Right Partisans and Organizers within the UMC. I plead guilty. My position is not different from Thomas' as articulated here. I believe this movement harms people and society. They are free to believe as they wish. If, perchance, some were marooned on a small island together with a few of our LGBT Brothers and Sisters, despite their differences, could they determine to engage in teamwork to hunt and cook peccaries for their survival? Probably, but in the meantime, the Religious Right is actively engaged in the promotion of christofascism and does not by any reasonable measure possess a "live and let live" attitude at all. As UMCers, can we effect an aimiable divorce? Perhaps. My concern is the children. The right wing engages in more dishonesty about abortion and birth control than they do about sexual orientation and the result is that girls from conservative Catholic and evangelical groupings have considerably more abortions than girls from liberal, Jewish, or atheist families. And why not? The pregnancy is ipso facto evidence of their alleged "impurity" and having a liberal or two in their home church may be the best hope for them - same with LGBTQ kids. It's a conundrum. Sure, if we're marooned together on Flyspeck Island of course I will hunt peccaries with you, but until then I am not going to stop calling the abuse and hatred you espouse what it is.

George Nixon Shuler more than 5 years ago