It Is What It Is: The Bus, The Cruise And The UMC



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Wesley and tension

Wesley never held conflicting and contradictory theologies in tensions--that is why he left the Fetters Lane Society and set up shop at the Foundry; that theological divide was not near as deep as the current one. Check out this excellent article that parallels the current state of the UMC with the theological divide that pushed Wesley to set up his own society:

I do not claim to be the consummate Wesleyan scholar. But I have spent enough time with Wesley's writings that I am convinced that he would be aghast and astounded at the current attempt to preserve institutional unity in the absence of theological unity. Being an astute student of the sinful/broken nature of humanity--something that is in short supply in the current leadership of the UMC-- he knew that would never work.

betsy more than 2 years ago