Millennials Flee the Church Because of Lies and Sexual Discrimination



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It's complicated. It really is

Lies, yes. The Council of Bishops have lied repeatedly and tried to mislead the believers in the pews. Sexual discrimination, no. Mainline denominations are dying while non-denominational churches are growing. Take a look at all the churches that are dying and compare to the growing ones. Stark difference in translation. Please look at the statistics of a dying church. UMC is headed in that direction. However, the reason certain groups are leaving is complicated and due to many issues.

Sarah more than 1 year ago


Lifeway research would disagree with your assessment of Millennials. In fact, the charismatic church is having great success in evangelizing Millennials and college age adults with an orthodox understanding of the faith. Seems you are interpreting data to reinforce your own opinions.

Jeff more than 1 year ago

what are you suggesting?

Dr. Thomas. What are you suggesting? That it would have been better for God's chosen people to remain enslaved in Egypt so as to avoid the unpleasantness of fulfilling God's promise to Abraham to inhabit the promised land? That it would have been better that Jesus' birth not have taken place or not be celebrated simply because King Herod, a worldly leader, was a sinning paranoid murderer? Statistics may be inconclusive, but perhaps many millennials, who I admit are more accepting of the LGBTQ agenda, are leaving those churches or denominations that offer nothing more than a rehashing of the platform for the "progressive" wing of the Democratic party. I mean, why belong if you can just vote every now and then? It's cheaper and you don't have to commit to really belonging to a group with any accountability. The same could be said about those who find their "religion" in the GOP. I believe people remain involved in a church or denomination when they find Scripture offers a spiritual choice from the emptiness of secularism. Just my opinion of course.

John more than 1 year ago


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