Something Broke In Me Tonight: 'Don’t Be Afraid of COVID'



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Everything to do with the gospel

I was pleased to read Christy Thomas's piece on "something Broke in Me Tonight: 'Don't Be Afraid of COVID.' " She reveals President Trump's glaring hypocrisy. I'm surprised at the two comments critical of her, saying that her piece has nothing to do with Methodism. If that's the case, Methodism has nothing to do with Jesus' mission, which was to preach good news to the poor and set at liberty the oppressed. It is the political structures that determine who shall be rich (and can afford a team of 12 doctors to fight the coronavirus) and who shall be poor (and risk losing what little health care they may have to fend off the virus) and become scared shitless.

William Alberts 296 days ago

Political tripe

This is political commentary, pure and simple, and has nothing to do with Methodism or bringing souls closer to God. It belongs on a site for political commentary, not on a site that purports to address issues facing the UMC.

John 300 days ago

I agree with John.

I agree with 'John' that this is political, is one person's view, and has nothing to do with Methodism. I don't understand why it would be 'shared' on this webpage. Although I would agree to everyone having their own opinion in whom to elect, I fail to see how this posting should be posted here as a United Methodist Insight.

Carole 297 days ago