Starbucks, Inclusivity and The United Methodist Church



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It's About Bullying and Safety

"...the inclusivists are as appalled at needing to embrace their sisters and brothers who oppose their very presence..."

This, only because the anti-GLBT members insist on formalizing their hatred of us in the Book of Discipline and UMC law.

Ben more than 3 years ago

Need a stronger argument

I would not look to starbucks for theological guidance. Starbucks builds their houses on sand. We build our homes on rock. What scriptural support do you have for changing the Book of Discipline? Jesus did hang out with sinners but as a more crude friend of mine once said "he wasn't prone to doing lines of coke off a hooker's belly" Crude as that comment is, its says Jesus didn't condone or participate in sin to socialize and convert his followers. He went into buildings burning with sin to carry them out like a firefighter. Why is it we can not reform others who try to change the idea of morality? Did we not learn anything about the writings of Paul regarding Corinth? Paul lectured the church for giving preference of membership over morality. Carnality and pride over humbler knowledge of God. Corinth even rejected Paul as authority as the UMC is rejecting John Wesley.

Bevan more than 3 years ago

Amen Bevan

He told the adultress to go and sin no more. He told of the hell that waits for those that do not believe. If we believe then our lives are to be lived in accordance with the Bible and not society's morals.

Carl more than 3 years ago