The Sad Necessity of Abortion: How Can the Church Lead the Way?



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Where do we start?

You are right that the church needs a better answer than "don't" when it comes to sex. Problem is, we literally do not have one. How can we when The United Methodist church does not even have a robust theology of the triune God of holy love to share with the rank and file person sitting in the pew; a theology that literally enables a person to fall in love with God. It was not until I became so lost and confused that I wandered off from church and stumbled into clear teaching that finally helped me understand who God is and who I am; it was my lesson in what all the UMC had not taught me about basic orthodox Christianity which is not the same as modern fundamentalism. Orthodoxy clearly taught in modern verbiage that did not diminish any of the WOW factor is what led me into the wide open space of God's amazing grace where Christianity ceased feeling like rocket science and became simply unfathomable and I fell in love with a God who most definitely loves me more than I could ever think about loving myself.

Joan Watson more than 5 years ago

This part....

"The church must address those years of peak sexual interest with honesty and integrity." ....Suffice it to say, we haven't, but we're better than the fundamentalist churches who marry 'em too early because they can't stand to do without. In the 1980s we attended a Unitarian Church which taught the "Youth Sexuality" course, the UMC developed and then gave away to the UUs because it was dynamite to our wowsers and pecksniffs. I always regretted how UM youth lost out on that.

George Nixon Shuler more than 5 years ago