'Will Your Church Survive?'

Coronavirus Diary March 18, 2020



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We get it!

Constantly yammering that "the U S UMC only serves 0.8% of the population" has become tiresome. It is possible the 'the tiny ones' who have struggled through adversity for the past decades may continue to minister to their communities and large ones may fail "and great will be the fall of them"(Matthew 7:27). We are all in uncharted territory or as Mark Twain said; 'rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated'

wil more than 1 year ago

Okay I’ll put it another way

Each week 99.2% of Americans reject the UMC.

But we are joined in our failures by the Southern Baptist Convention.

Each week the SBC serves only 1.6% of Americans. They like we are being rejected.

Continuing to sing I’m Not Dead Yet from Spamalot doesn’t change the realities of declining attendance and declining income

Richard F Hicks more than 1 year ago


"not sad, just is". Please cite proof!

wil more than 1 year ago

See umc.org attendance statistics

These stats show that the U S UMC only serves 0.8% of the population. Assuming that elders haven’t lied since 1968 the UMC has been on a downhill slide into decay decline then death

Not sad. Just is. I didn’t makeup the stats.

Don’t fuss at the one who reports the obituary

Richard F Hicks more than 1 year ago

UMC Delcline

Thank you for telling the truth, Christy, ever since 1967 when the Methodist Church merged with the EUB and became the UMC, membership has declined. We loved the Methodist Church of the 1960s, it was progressive, we marched against the Vietnam War, we fought long and hard for civil rights for our darker skinned family and friends. However, after the merger we kept becoming more and more conservative. I was thrilled that the church FINALLY accepted, in full inclusion, or darker skinned family and friends, but then the UMC became global and took their marching orders from very conservative nations and continents and now the UMC will not accept, in full inclusion, our family and friends who are LBGTQAI. Why must any church, especially one that touts, "Open Hearts, Open Minds and Open Doors," feel that it has to discriminate against some group. Today it is our LBGTQAI family and friends, who will they disallow full inclusion in 25 years, after our LBGTQAI family and friends are FINALLY allowed full inclusion?

Carla more than 1 year ago

Church Sustainability

The pews were not full in most churches, when this COVID-19 has been a thing of the past when the wonderful epidemiologists, PCPs, and those physicians who diligently do research find a vaccine and anti viral medications, the folks who have been staying home on Sundays due to this virus, and having a couple of extra cups of coffee or tea, will find that, especially during this very stressful time, having to get dressed in appropriate clothing for church, and rushing to get the kids ready for Sunday School, is a royal pain. When COVID-19 is no longer an issue or a problem, folks who are now used to not going to church will find that they really do not need to attend church, ever again.

Carla more than 1 year ago


Once a human stops a habit they usually continue it

Richard F Hicks more than 1 year ago

Probably not. Depending

upon its size prior to the crisis.

The tiny ones will be the most likely to die. These are the local churches which have been dying since 1968. Mostly rural or inner city

Not sad. Just is

Richard F Hicks more than 1 year ago