Confessions of a White Southerner



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Confessions of a White Southerner

One of the great challenges we all have is to acknowledge and admit that we have changed. I, as a Black
southerner read with great interest, "Confessions". There was a time when my early first hand experiences of racism shaped my views of those who are white. I have never forgotten when I was a little boy holding my preacher-father's hand in a store in Winston-Salem, NC, a white woman came up to the counter after my father and said in a loud voice, "What do you mean serving n.....s before you serve white people?" I still remember my father, with his 3 college degrees stepping back while the woman could be waited on. Incidents like that as I "grew up" in North Carolina, Texas, and South Carolina left emotional
scars that I had to manage. But then when my mother who was a leader in the WSCS of the Central Jurisdiction would tell us about white southern women like Thelma Stevens and how they would walk out
with my Mother when she was refused service at a restaurant while attending a national church meeting,
I realized there were white people who had broken free from racism, just I had broken free from my hatred of all white people. Would that all of us would dare to go public and share "How our minds have changed", on a variety of issues. Thanks for "Confessions". May there be more about race, women and
same gender loving persons.

Gil Caldwell more than 4 years ago


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