Demeaning, Dehumanizing, Disrespectful, Hateful Speech is Dangerous!



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If he had said "let's pray for language of respect from our leaders" I would have been with him all the way. But when he demanded such speech he lost me. That path leads to tyranny and I will fight him all the way.

Kevin more than 2 years ago

Think it through

As a citizen, I can demand that my government use language of respect. There's nothing wrong with that kind of expectation. Don't vote for people who don't speak respectfully of others. QED.

Your 'tyranny' issue would be in reverse - if the government demanded that i speak in whatever way was preferred.

The fact that you were triggered by a *single* word that in context doesn't even fit with your response... I'll stop there, and instead respectfully disagree with your outcome.

JR more than 2 years ago

Yes, Richard

The only way to have free speech yourself is to grant free speech to all.

Skipper more than 2 years ago

Carder on free speech

Carder is absolutely right but

In America we’re guaranteed free speech.

Speech one doesn’t like is the most important speech to protect

Thank you

Richard F Hicks more than 2 years ago

Victim of dehumanizing humiliating speech

Unless you are the victim and hurt by the speech. I was revictimized by a guest speaker in our church who stood behind the pulpit in God's sanctuary, and for an hour talked about his ministry that cares for sex offenders. He challenged the church to allow sex offenders in their homes and defy law enforcement to do so. I am a victim of childhood sexual abuse. What I couldn't believe was how the entire congregation was laughing about his comments , cheered him at one point and took a collection. I wanted to crawl under the pews and hide. I told my minister what I thought about the scene. Was I in God's house or at a Duke University frat party? Because I couldn't tell the difference. Boys will be boys. And to this day, no one has apologized for it, nor has anyone asked me how they can help me get past it. The UMC is not a church. The salt lost its flavor and there is no light. The inicident set me back by about 20 years in my recovery and I am now in a support groups being conducted by a really nice Wesleyan Church. No thanks to the UMC for any sexual assault support group, no referrals, and no resources either. #silenceisnotspiritual. If this is what's going down in the UMC, ignoring sexual sin against women and children, hurtful speech toward the same population, I hope the #metoo and #churchtoo organizations reveal the flaw in your churches and takes you down along with the Southern Baptists who covered it up, the Catholic Church and the Boy Scouts of America! Practice what you preach-love God love your neighbor, open doors, open minds, open hearts. You aren't reaching out one woman sitting in the pews every Sunday who is diligent about serving God and being present for hurting people.

teresa more than 1 year ago