Don't Try to Convince Others by Not Telling the Truth



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Just one more divide

between progressives and traditionals: Your doctrine demands that I must abandon my doctrine and agree with what you say. My doctrine respects your right to believe as you see fit--and I more than ready to defend your right to teach and live what you believe--but I am not required to abandon my beliefs on your say so and I also have the same right and freedom as you to teach and live what I believe. We can agree to disagree, but we will not be part of the same church.

betsy more than 1 year ago

What you do not get

"But to reply with a more substantive response, I offer but one book (there are more) within each dimension of the Wesleyan quadrilateral that present a progressive interpretation, coming from bona fide scholars."

The key phrase in the above statement is "a progressive interpretation". And what you do not get is that a progressive interpretation comes from a completely different theological perspective than a traditional interpretation. Differences in theology produce very different understandings of who God is, who we are in relation and what God intended for us when he created earth and everything on it. Progressives and Traditionals have completely different understandings of the parameters God set forth for how the earth is designed to function. Theological differences also produce very different understandings about the church. When it comes to the functioning of the church, we do not even agree on whether or not theological plurality is problematic: Progressives do not see it as a problem, Traditionals do. As a pew person, I have not found Christianity as an ongoing discussion very helpful. I am to the point that I want both Progressives and Traditionals to have the freedom to believe and teach as they see fit and leave the judgment of right and wrong to Jesus at his final coming. My guess is we will all learn the ways that we have all fallen short of what God intended. But do you even believe that Jesus will return and finally make all things right?

betsy more than 1 year ago


Every single biblical reference to same sex activity is negative, every single one. A great read and a very clear answer to all the arguments is contained in UNCHANGING WITNESS: THE CONSISTENT TEACHING ON HOMOSEXUALITY IN SCRIPTURE AND TRADITION, by S. Donald Fortson. Consistently Scripture state that unreported sin is the barrier between mankind and God. If our United Methodist church teaches falsely on this issue, the consequences are enormous.....and eternal.

In Christ,

The enemy hates clarity

The Answer is in the Book more than 1 year ago


should have said "unreported sin'" sorry

The Answer is in the Book more than 1 year ago

doggone auto correct

sin that is not repented

The Answer is in the Book more than 1 year ago

Telling the Truth

I would suggest the following book for your Scripture interpretation:
"The Bible and Homosexual Practice:Texts and Hermeneutics" by Robert A. J. Gagnon

Douglas more than 1 year ago

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