Four Compelling Reasons Conservative and Progressive United Methodists Have to Stay Together



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I read this then re-read item #2

I think you're way off the mark here. I'm sure that made you feel good to say this is the one that is hardest for progressives, and however well-intentioned your words are, they are erroneous. The right-wing enjoys dismissing progressive theology about sex as "Anything Goes" (I think there was a song with that title from around the time my parents were infants). However, nothing could be further from the truth. I can definitely assure you that just about every single progressive tends to approach human sexuality with greater care than the adherents to right-wing ideology do. This is evident in research on abortion which reveals Protestant fundamentalist and conservative Catholic girls and women obtain abortions at a much, much higher rate than liberal Protestant, Jewish and atheist girls and women. That is because the legalistic teachings and unequal gender roles of right-wing ideology make survival difficult and also make it difficult for passions to be kept within due bounds. While I am sure you enjoyed writing this, it was ridiculous, uncharitable, smug, and contrary to facts. Take the volunteer sex educator training at your local Planned Parenthood chapter and try again.

George Nixon Shuler more than 5 years ago

Silly and superficial...

This is the silliest and most superficial thing I've read lately. There is one reason conservatives and progressives cannot stay together; the progressives (misuse of the word) are not progressive, they lack integrity. They will not keep the covenant they made when they came into the UMC and they mock those who do keep it. We are not conservatives and progressives; we are conservatives and radicals. We cannot stay together, because the radicals have already left the covenant!

Charles Whatley more than 5 years ago