Four Options for General Conference



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institutional gridlock

Do nothing is the most likely outcome. Not as a choice but out of mistrust of any changes. Progressive congregations and Annual Conferences will continue to resist any new penalties. In 20 years a new generation will will reject the homophobic beliefs of their elders and the Africans will leave in disgust and form their own church just like the African Anglicans. A much reduced UMC may in time vote to join a resurrected COCU liberal Protestant church like the United Church of Canada. The hardcore conservatives will split off and join other conservative churches in reaction to American liberal culture. Nothing will happen at future Gen Conferences until the Conservatives in the South lose their own kids to the Nones or Progressives.

Sarah Flynn more than 7 years ago

The IRD Statistic

It is no wonder the IRD would cite statistic saying that only the more conservative jurisdictions are growing, for they desire a complete end to the Methodist Church as we know it...they'd sooner see it die than become any more progressive.

Our Church here in America and Europe is losing members, but not because it's too progressive. The church here lives under the same rules as the church in Africa. Our membership is declining here because we are continuing to be a church of exclusivity rather than inclusion. The IRD is forever insinuating that, somehow, it's the progressive voice here in North America that is driving away members, when it's really the conservative voice of the church writ large.

Here in America, there are some few people leaving the Methodist Church because they think we are becoming too liberal, but they are a tiny minority. The vast numbers of those leaving our denomination and the others, are doing not changing denominations, they are simply becoming "Done's or None's" because of how Christianity is presenting as a whole in this country.

So, while I realize there will be little hope for change, the IRD's inference, if not outright statement, about the statistics is wrong, and people need to pay attention to that.

BJohnM more than 7 years ago

You're spot on about the IRD

Those members of this subversive force not serving as official convention delegates (Southern Baptists call theirs :"Messengers") should not be granted access to the Conference floor and their stunts like giving their loyalists cell phones preset to gather them should be prohibited unless they release their donor list.

George Nixon Shuler more than 7 years ago