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Here’s the Link Between COVID Vaccine Denial and Opposition to Sensible Gun Control



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UMC and our LBGT sisters and brothers

When will the far right wing of the UMC realize that people are born as they are and they are not sinners if the are lesbian, bisexual, gay or transsexual? A person who is L, B, G, or T will be as fine a pastor as someone who is heterosexual. To add to that, love is love and the twelve conferences that are in non conformity with the Discipline have proven that point.
If the folks at "?Good News" wish to break away and form their own church, it is sad., but they will soon rue that day as their section of the UMC will soon no longer exist as more and more people believe SCIENCE, and realize that we are all born as we are and cannot change, by prayer or any other means. I am a heterosexual female and could not suddenly wake up some morning and be a Lesbian, the same applies to those who are L, B, G, or T.

Robert and Carla Skidmore 297 days ago