Here’s What People of Faith Shouldn’t Do (post-Charlottesville)



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Robert E. Lee

Actually Robert E. Lee was a slave owner. It is true that at one point he opposed slavery, he also never freed his slaves and allowed them to be treated brutally. He was a flawed man not to be memorialized as a tower of virtue.

David Heim more than 1 year ago

Confronting Protesters

It might be good to leave those who protest alone while they are protesting. They are often from out of town and not open to discussion anyway. If you really want to talk to them, it might be better to contact them later.

My mother once had a letter published in a large newspaper. She received a call from a man that turned out to be very frustrating. When I asked who she had talked to, it was one of two people I had ever heard of that were Supremists. While frustrating, she had actually discussed the letter with him in a civilized manner. This was better than confronting protesters and taking the risk of escalating ill will.

Isn’t it interesting that General Robert E. Lee was not a slave owner, even releasing his father-in-laws slaves at Arlington, while General Grant was a slave owner. That may be why Grant said he was not fighting to end slavery.

While slave ships were built, owned and operated out of the Northeast, and transported slaves to the South, it’s all just part of history now. We need to remember that every race has known slavery, not just certain ones. When we meet someone who takes it personal, it could even be an opportunity to help. There is enough freedom to go around. But we need to remember that for us to have Freedom of Speech, we must allow others to have it too. All others. We can’t stifle those we disagree with, or one day it will come back to us.

Skipper Anding more than 1 year ago


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