How Can Christians Support Donald Trump?



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Voting is not Supporting

The fact I voted for Trump does not define me as a Christian or that I automatically endorse everything he does or say. But I will never apologize for nor regret voting for Trump. The reality is, I looked at the choices, wished a different set of choices was available. Ultimately, my decision to vote for Trump was based on the fact that 8 years of Obama had been enough. The country did not need another 4 to 8 years of much the same. And then there was the lack of humility in Hillary Clinton who came across as she was entitled and deserved to be the first woman President. I am not a shoe in to vote for Trump again. But if it comes down to choosing between Trump and a socialist Democrat, I will vote Trump. What conservative/traditional/classical Christians understand is that Christianity is not about using the government to legislate the kingdom of God into existence, it is about doing what John Wesley did: creating a space where God can transform individuals who then transform communities. The framers of American Democracy understood that also. That is why they had separation of church and state: they understood that the government had its job of protecting its people and the church had its job of being the moral compass.

betsy more than 1 year ago


King David was a rapist, not an adulterer

Jon Altman more than 1 year ago

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