Anointed Presidents
“Are Presidents Annointed by God?” Graphic by Ryan Burge

How Many Americans Believe Trump is Anointed by God?



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This Conservative Christian says "Baloney"

Give me a break! Some people who are really pleased with some specific fine occurrence or person, want to give God all the credit. Of course, others use disasters or some sick killer as proof that there is no God. I don’t buy either.
My Faith requires that I power my efforts to navigate a tough world by Faith that He has given me what I need to hold in order to deal with whatever comes. 63,000,000 million Americans and I voted, with Faith, in a man who shared our values and dreams. We found him strong-willed, of good humor, and a foundation of America First – hey, that’s me, that’s my country, my children and their children live here.
America First was not anointed by God, Mr. Perry, any more than the messenger who brought it. What was anointed was that good people, acting together, can make good things happen, Americans have, through Faith and hard work, made great things happen. I give my God all the credit for giving us the opportunities to do good, given our will to do it. The action is up to us - and depends on us staying together despite every pestilence which the liberals and press can throw at us.

Reese more than 2 years ago