If You’re Headed To General Conference: Appeals to Biblical Authority Are Meaningless



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Concerning Women Prisoners of War
10 “When the Lord your God gives you victory in battle and you take prisoners, 11 you may see among them a beautiful woman that you like and want to marry. 12 Take her to your home, where she will shave her head,[a] cut her fingernails, 13 and change her clothes. She is to stay in your home and mourn for her parents for a month; after that, you may marry her. 14 Later, if you no longer want her, you are to let her go free. Since you forced her to have intercourse with you, you cannot treat her as a slave and sell her.

What's the alternative here? To rape the women and then sell her off into slavery. But as Jesus called us to a higher standard, Deuteronomy called the Isrealites to a higher standard. Instead of a life for an eye, it asked for only an eye for an eye. Adam Hamilton would argue that there is a third bucket of verses that were always wrong and that this is one of those verses. And I would argue that that is incorrect. This passage goes in bucket #2. That this call to treat women prisoners of war better than they were being treated previously is what Christianity is all about. It doesn't mean that I endorse this marriage today, but I do endorse the call written through our teachings of us being better than we were.

I think the UMC has a history of calling our members, each other, to be a little better than they have been. Commenter John is a better person today than he used to be. I know it in my heart, because he could have left and he didn't. And the ones that don't leave the Methodist Church are better people because we have a great tradition to feed off of and a great structure that allows us to be bettter. I'm sorry that we haven't move to where you want to go and in your time frame.

Anonymous more than 1 year ago

not sold on this argument.

While all those examples may be inappropriate marriages, you do realize that all of them are between one man and a woman? I am also not sold on your argument that the bible "endorses" them all as good options for marriage. Most certainly, the theoretical marriage of a man to his brother's widow would more than certainly be considered a righteous and holy marriage.

td more than 1 year ago

We need to go our separate ways

You and I don’t belong in the same denomination. I wish you best of luck in your faith journey, but we do not belong together. I am more willing to place my trust in Holy Scripture than your sense of social activism. Good luck to you

John more than 1 year ago

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