Impeachment, Mitt Romney and Surrounding Togetherness Pressure



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Two peas in a pod

Romney is about like Kim Philly.

bthomas 218 days ago

Salute those who stand their ground, except those whose ground is a swamp!

Romney is a self-centered joke. He and Pelosi should form a prayer group. His position is about himself, not about America, American workers, American taxpayers, America's future, America FIRST.

As a veteran, a former American worker, a father of three Americans and grand-father of six more, I am most pleased with my president. My conscience is fine. My Faith is strong. I do not need any liberal lecturing me on either.

Reese 225 days ago


Has always, and with this action repeated his history of pretending to be a conservative Republican but always pandering to the elite left. Started when he was governor of Massachusetts and continues today.

Jim 227 days ago

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