It Is Time to Be Fully Wesleyan



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Insulted/Unwanted = Abuse

"Now, we are, many of us who care enough, running after the women, the LGBTQ community and the African American community asking them to hang in there with a church that doesn’t really want them in their polity or practice. We are asking them to continue to be insulted, unwanted and discouraged… but feel free to pay your tithes, come to increase our numbers of average attendance, but just don’t try to get ordained and definitely don’t try to run for the prized seat of all, that of the episcopacy. We’ll baptize you, but we won’t allow you to represent us. We’ll let you in, but we will support a president who speaks down to you, calls you out of your name and allows you to feel like nothing."

Yes. This is exactly what I have experienced in the UMC over my 58 years: abuse.

Ben more than 3 years ago

This is what I see missing.

I'm all for stamping out bigotry. But in regards to LGBTQ, we need more people making affirmative statements that they believe being gay is just as good as being heterosexual. This should be in every post regarding this issue, because as I understand the argument, this is the fundamental prejudice that is held by our members (and myself).

The argument that LGBTQ didn't have a choice is a bad argument in my opinion, because it says the exact opposite of what I hear LGBTQ individuals saying. They are saying that they are not "less than". If we are to go into our churches and celebrate gay marriages then we need to believe it is a good thing. If it's a good thing, then you should reasonable be able to choice to do it (assuming a society that is accepting, even if not affirming). In our urban areas, I believe we are accepting of LGBT individuals.

The ask is affirmation. The UMC supports acceptance. The argument needs to ask for affirmation. Appeals to end bigotry don't work here because being gay and being black aren't the same thing. It seems to me that the research says you can be genetically predisposed to homosexuality, but that a bunch of other factors play into it. There is a choice element to it. Subsequently, to win the argument, what has to be shown is that being homosexual is just as good as heterosexual.

The Methodist community is not anywhere near that. It is why this has come up for the last 4 GCs and failed. It's why I would imagine it will fail in February.

Chad more than 3 years ago