As Go The Mormons, So Go The Methodists?



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New Scout Programs

Dropping Scout Values (although a Scout is "morally straight" is still there in name only) led to the Mormons decision to form their own Scouting organization, like Trail Life USA. That's because they want to keep Scout Values. Trail Life USA was formed by concerned parents and is growing rapidly, while the former "Boy Scouts" shrinks.

Quotation: “He (John Wesley) was always eager to admit anyone who expressed a desire to know the way of life, but he was equally swift to eject those who failed to come up to the high moral standards which were set by the Rules of the United Societies.” That is from Methodists In American History, by William Sweet, p. 44.

I believe the majority support the Traditional Plan to keep our moral values in the United Methodist Church.

Skipper more than 2 years ago

Corporate America castrated the Boy Scouts of America

I truly had no real issue if a local Boy Scout troop wanted to include gay scouts. I did have a problem with the national scout organization saying gay scout leaders had to be allowed, especially since scout councils often have little say on who is appointed by the national organization to become council leaders. And if parents are uncomfortable with have a gay scout leader taking their kids on weekend camping trips, the troops will wither on the vine. And for what purpose? So an adult can feel he has been “validated” and has forced others to tolerate his lifestyle? Who loses? The boys. And now, without any input from the Girl Scouts of America organization, the Boy Scouts have emasculated their organization by making it coed and removing the reference to Boys or being male from its very name. Good luck surviving on money from corporate America, because the traditional families who have been the backbone of the Boy Scout organization are not going to support you any more. I no longer attend fundraisers for this new organization. If it makes it in its new format, fine for them. But they won’t be receiving my support or financial assistance any more after years involved as a scout, a scout leader, a parent of two Eagle Scouts, and a regular financial backer. The organization sold its soul for 30 pieces of corporate silver. But hey, they can claim they are now more enlightened or woke. I just pray our delegates to the 2019 special session don’t go down the same path so as to appear to be culturally accommodating. Please UMC, stand with scripture and put principals before what is perceived as being popular.

John more than 2 years ago