Behind the Buzzword: 'Historic Christian Teaching'



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A Bible Believing Church is another phrase

I've recently been giving thought to the dog-whistle phrases fundamentalists like to use. Certainly "historic Christian teaching" is one, but the other big one is "Bible-believing church." As in, "you need to get yourself to a Bible-believing church.

That one means, "you nee to find yourself a fundamentalist church (preferably mine), which believes exactly as I do, and considers the Bible literal and inerrant based on my interpretation (or that of my Pastor) of those scripture. Because, of course any church which doesn't believe exactly the same thing my church believes is doing it wrong, and obviously doesn't really believe in the Bible.

As always, thanks for a thought provoking article.

BJohnM more than 5 years ago

One particularly obnoxious Austin-based troll

loves to comment on UMC-related sites that the right-wing within the UMC "honors the teachings of the Bible" and thus seeks to infer that those of differing opinions do not. I tell the poor fellow he's just blowing smoke. He is seeking to wrap his prejudices within what a former Army Colonel called "honor guard phrases," for example "In accordance with Regulation 24Z-12," "with all deliberate speed," etc. The phrase our troll uses certainly meets the criteria for such meaningless gobbledygook. It would be more truthful if he added "when it suits their purposes."

George Nixon Shuler more than 5 years ago

Historic Christian Teaching

There never was just one and only one teaching...even though the Popes tried to make it so. For heaven's sake, there are FOUR canonical gospels which don't agree, and Paul couldn't even agree with himself...assuming he wrote all those letters.

No, this is the smoke screen to justify the
social anxieties created by the liberation of women LGBT people.

Sarah Flynn more than 5 years ago