By the Numbers: How the Resistance Can Remain in The #UMC



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One of the Stayers

Thank you for the article and thoughtfulness. My wife and I are simply staying because we feel led by the Holy Spirit to stay. We belong to an 8000 member congregation, but we feel that continuing the ministry that the two of us do - going on nearly every mission trip and Habitat build, cleaning sections of the sanctuary every month, leading music at every women’s retreat, filling for the church secretary on days when she is off, participating in two adult Sunday Schools and in multiple Disciples’ Bible stiudies - that we make it just a bit harder for them to believe that the way we live our lives is “not compatible with Christian teaching.”

Marsha Stevens-Pino more than 2 years ago

At least Jeremy is finally honest

He does not want to be in a church run by traditionalists anymore than I want to be in a church run by progressives.

betsy more than 2 years ago

The evil of anarchy

Rev. Smith, you’ve authored many articles with which I’ve disagreed, but this one is by far the most insidious. Please listen to your “logic.” You are essentially advocating “We must destroy this village in order to save it.” To the extent there was some “positive” coming from GC 2019, it was that those on the “Progressive” side coming to terms with the the fact that the UMC is irretrievably broken as a functioning model for governing its members. Now you advocate burning down the house out of your frustration a majority of UMC members don’t agree with your view of what the church should be about. The longer those of you who relish defiance continue to advocate prolonging the pain, the more likely those of us who are considered “Traditionalist” will withhold apportionments that go outside our Annual Conferences or our own individual churches. We are not going to continue paying any of our hard-earned money to fund salaries and pensions of Bishops and clergy who violate their oaths or who advocate that others feel free to violate their oaths and who condemn those with whom they disagree as “haters.” Let us go our separate ways and act together where we can (perhaps disaster relief) but follow our own understanding of mission as we understand God requires of us. I will wish you the best of luck when you and your Western Jurisdiction brethren go your way, and hope, perhaps naively, that you and people who believe as you do will wish us luck as well. But your argument in this article, advocating continuing anarchy, is not inspired by Christ but by that temptor who suggested he throw himself off from the top of the Temple.

John more than 2 years ago