Church Flipping: Who Really Bought, Broke and Wants to Sell the #UMC?



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A view from the pew

The UMC is a house divided that does not know who it is or what it believes. As I have experienced it, the diversity that is currently present within the UMC is toxic and can be very detrimental to the individuals within it. Orthodox Christianity with a Wesleyan accent is not a bad thing; it is what brought Methodism into existence and it has absolutely nothing to do with modern fundamentalism. The UMC wandered from its roots a long time ago. This is how John Wesley really changed the world:

1. He sought to live a holy life centered in God and that quest led him to unexpected places.
2. Along the way, he encountered the triune God of holy love.
3. He told others about the triune God of holy love.
4. He enabled those that responded to his message to live a transformed life centered in God 24/7 regardless of their circumstances.
5.GOD then transformed communities one person at a time.

My guess this sounds like foolishness to you.

Orter T. more than 6 years ago