Evangelical Fellowship of Virginia: The Problems of a Schismatic WCA Church Plant and Voter Guides



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What hypocrisy

Jeremy, do you even read what you print? For you to bemoan some who may be “violating” our Discipline is just too rich for words. What would you call your Western Jurisdictions’ act of electing a practicing lesbian as a bishop? Traditionalists may well now be engaging n actions which violate the Discipline, I don’t know, but your “team” beat them to the punch if they are. For the sake of all that’s decent, let us please divide into two separate denominations.

John more than 2 years ago

Right on!!

Thank you for your response. People like Jeremy can see the speck in the eyes of others and not the hypocritical log in their own. So called progressives are dishonest in recognizing that they violated the discipline with the election of the lesbian bishop in the western jurisdiction.

Eriberto Soto more than 1 year ago

I expect a lot more of this.

By passing the traditional plan, GC2019 kind of prevented this from hitting high gear, but the blowback leading into the GC2020 and possible the outcome of GC2020 will give this new life. I think we will see extensive new church plants if we don't get to some amicable agreement. The argument for "living under our discipline" left the room when the WJ voted for a lesbian bishop.

I think we will also see a lot more churches setting up separate foundations for capital campaigns, similar to the model Glide Memorial originated. No way you can do a major build in this environment when you don't really know where your annual conference stands on theology and your church's relationship with the AC.

Anonymous more than 2 years ago

WCA in Virginia

How Jeremy! You sound like the dinosaur retailers of old screaming about discount store competition. Why carry on so about those you think broke The Discipline when the centrists (Adam Hamilton and Bob Long) have pulpit publicly declared their intention to ignore The Discipline in order to bring themselves pleasure. It seems that the WCA et al have learned Progressives’ tricks. Thank you

Richard F Hicks more than 2 years ago

That means...

That the WCA has ceded any kind of moral high ground on this issue.

Interesting choice for a fundamentalist group.

JR more than 1 year ago

What high ground?

There is no high ground left in what remains of the UMC. Let it die and let us move on

John more than 1 year ago