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Global Methodist Church: Where Did it Come From?

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Not on the same page...

Progressive Methodists have been ignoring pages of the Discipline with which they disagree for decades. It's extremely disingenuous for Editor Astle, Rev. Smith or any other progressive voice to exclaim frustration at traditionalists for wanting to leave a dysfunctional denomination. To continually insist that conservatives stay in the church while you push every day for more and more changes..... If you prefer not to feel shame, the least you can do is to keep your sniping complaints to yourselves!

David Kingsworthy 25 days ago


You keep trying to understand a group of people from your perspective when the big picture reality is, we come from very different perspectives of what it means to be a Christian of the United Methodist persuasion. After spending time with the writings of John Wesley, I have come to the realization that the Methodist Church and then the United Methodist Church have not been truly Methodist for generations. As early as 1894, the Discipline for the Methodist Episcopal Church contained a piece written by leadership that detailed how the MEC was already drifting from its Methodist roots! The United Methodist Church sealed its fate when it engaged in a poorly designed experiment in theological plurality that is now failing spectacularly. Grasp the bigger picture that we are simply no longer on the same page about anything, and the current state of affairs will make a lot more sense!

betsy 27 days ago