Herod Slaughtered the Innocents After Christmas. The Republicans Did Not Wait.



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The other three comment have said it all!

If this is the best the UMC has to offer then It probably needs to cease to exist! Fortunately, I know that this is not representative of all the UMC pastors. Hopefully this is an extreme minority voice! Nowhere is there any mandate that the kingdom of God will be legislated into existence via the government!

Betsy more than 3 years ago

I am in shock

I am speechless. Why would this website publish this article? This is a pastor?

Sandra more than 3 years ago


This is possibly the most execrable article you have ever published. It has nothing of worth in it, much less information about discerning God's will. It is purely a political screed, bereft of fact, replete with emotional hate, written by someone who purports to be a clergyman, but is just a militant socialist trying to acquire a patina of respectability. If this is representative of what you intend to publish, the UMC is doomed, hastened by rampant Trump derangement syndrome infecting precious snowflakes who just cannot seem to keep their rage in check if the world doesn't acquiesce to their demands. The 2019 "special' General Conference is not needed if this clergyman is at all representative of UMC clergy. The UMC will simply collapse inward on itself with people fleeing for their lives when realize it's not a church at all but just a political caucus of petulant children who stomp their feet and rage when the world doesn't conform to what they demand it should be.

To quote that cultural philosopher Mr. T. "I pity the fool" that places his or her reliance on clergy in the UMC like this author. Not only will they be bitterly disappointed, but they are being willfully led astray from the Gospel of grace and love. Ichabod!

Dan more than 3 years ago

Speak for Yourself

"... It has nothing of worth in it, much less information about discerning God's will. It is purely a political screed, bereft of fact, replete with emotional hate...." seems to describe this comment better than the article.

When I first read this five days ago, I wondered when or if right-wing whining would be posted, and it was right after that apparently. It doesn't take long for the septuagenarian Faux News viewing Trumpistas to find something they don't like about any notion we should care about those they consider unworthy.

George Nixon Shuler more than 3 years ago

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