How Big Data Disrupts Narratives of UMC Decline



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My own explanation

Why is the United Methodist Church and other mainline denominations in a long time failure? Yet denominations liked the Wesleyan Church and The Assemblies of God continue to grow, not to mention non-denominational churches sprouting up on every corner. None of those is a hose divided against itself which is what your article proves is the current state of The United Methodist Church. The Wesleyan Church and The Assemblies of God both enjoy a consensus when it comes to an understanding of who God is, who we are and what God really expects of us in this lifetime. A consensus I know for a fact does not exist within the United Methodist Church. Also, the integrity of their decision making process has not been put on the line like it has within The United Methodist Church. A huge problem within the United Methodist Church is not the question over same gender relationships but rather that it has eroded trust and confidence in the work of General Conference. And there is your source of the lack of trust that is rampant within the United Methodist Church!

Ella Pauline more than 4 years ago

An even bigger picture

Good News spins the loss one way, you spin the loss another way. In the bigger picture, the United Methodist Church along with other mainline denominations are in a serious, long term decline while other conservative denominations like the Wesleyan Church and the Assemblies of God who continue to experience growth. Explain that one.

Ella Pauline more than 4 years ago

Good eye!

Thanks for the helpful review of denominational statistics.

Jerry Eckert more than 4 years ago

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