If a Bishop Can Be Redeemed, Can the #UMC?



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Irrelevant Example

The author's example is well written and interesting but nevertheless irrelevant. Unlike what the UMC faces today, these circumstances, actions and results did not find their basis in the scriptures; this was a Mennonite cultural clash. Today's issue(s) goes to the core of God's word in the scriptures. Are we willing to ignore God's word and re-write the scriptures? Christianity and the UMC should reach out and accept all sinners into our congregations in the hope that they will hear and receive God's word. However, the UMC should not accept, normalize or promote any sin. The Bible scriptures are quite clear on the subject of sin. As Jesus said many times to sinners (paraphrasing), "stop sinning, go forth and live your life according to God's word". Re-writing the Bible scriptures or the UMC's Book of Discipline is an attempt to normalize sin. Would we do it for any other sin? No.

William Dunkin more than 5 years ago

Here's what I see

A Bishop and the church disagreed. The Bishop accepted the church's decision and decided it was time to move on. Unlike progressives who have decided they are right, everybody else is wrong and it is up to them to force their views on the rest of the church! Just for the record, here's an interesting article that runs everybody up the tree and shows what a mess the UMC has become


As a non-progressive, my favorite assessment is this one:

"The liberals fling aside the ‘one, holy, catholic and apostolic faith.’ As liberals bow to the agenda of the ‘alphabet people’ they find the LBGTIQA issue offers exhibit A. Tradition, reason and experience align unanimously in support of the historic Christian sexual ethic related to same gender sex behaviors. Young earth creationists renounce the theory of evolution and affirm the earth as 6,000 years old, using perhaps 50 persons with an advanced degree in some aspect of science to announce that ‘science is divided’ in its thinking on the issue. Drawing their approach from the anti-evolution tactic, Liberals likewise dismiss, deny or distract with disingenuous ease biblical reasons for the traditional Christian view on marriage as only affirmed between a man and a woman, announcing that ‘opinions are divided in the church’ on affirming same gender genital behavior where 95% of the world’s practicing Christians and 100% of historic Christian practice and tradition are against them.
Those who hold principled disagreement are dismissed as bigots, ignorant, sexually repressed, on the wrong side of history, haters, moral first cousins of slave traders and segregationists…and they call names. The irony is best illustrated when this group finds the existence of African United Methodism in its thriving, dynamic, and growing presence, a problem to be handled and an embarrassment to be addressed. Questioning the bodily resurrection of Jesus will get one praised for intellectual courage but using a masculine pronoun for God will get one flunked or denied ordination for patriarchist preference."

You would probably like his take on the conservatives--although for this non-progressive, the issue is more complex than what he presents. Feel free to say the same about the "opposition". Bottom line is the church can not go on like it is, something has to give. As far as I am concerned we are learning how ineffective Big Tent Methodism is. Unity comes from some beliefs in common which the UMC is currently lacking! When it coms to the good of the church in general, progressives pushing their viewpoint is doing more harm than good. Since progressives are the ones pushing the sexuality question, that puts progressives in the driver's seat as to how the church survives.

Emily more than 5 years ago