Schism, Expulsion and Diversity: UMC Unity's Varied Definitions



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Do Nothing.

Jurisdictions were invented to protect us from each other. I think doing nothing is a really good plan. Any new plan has to be better than the current plan. A Methodist can decide to leave. I think hypothetically a whole conference could vote to leave. Otherwise, you can negotiate to pay for the equity in your land and building to leave, considering applicable state law.

Chad more than 3 years ago

There's no move to banish anyone. Just no mood to "unify"...

Aw, Dr. Jeremy, there you go again! You misrepresent with your, “unity in this form means that progressives would be banished from United Methodism and forced to form their separate-but-unequal denomination, leaving the conservatives with everything that generations of Methodists built.” Au contraire! I see no suggestions of banishments. I see a re-commitment to old rules that are increasingly ignored. Frankly, as those rules are written, I must wonder how and why the UMC ever attracted so many homosexual people over the years?
But, no matter, if a traditionalists plan is adopted, progressives will stay (they’ve stayed this long) and this debate will rage and grow and rage and grow. And more and more members will be like me will shout, “I’m just so tired of hearing about it! I’m out-a here!” Eventually, financial collapse, the edge of which we currently explore. I may be traditionalist, but I know toothpaste cannot be squeezed back into the tube…
On the other hand, with a progressive-leaning vote, like “one church”, another flashing exit sign for all: There will be a plethora of intra-church and intra-conference fights over which side they are on. The big denomination fight now will be transferred down to the conference and church level (ad nauseum!). It will never end! I’ve been on church boards – it doesn’t take much!
And, its not “hate”, its personal choice. Example: I do not eat raw fish nor do I listen to RAP music. I do not hate those who enjoy those things, but I choose to avoid situations and places where I must endure them. America is a free place with lots of options and we don’t have to go where we don’t want to be.
So, Dr. Jeremy, your regular rant on unifying people who, in fact, don’t care to be unified, shines to closed eyes. Why not just simply outline a TWO CHURCH PLAN and let us all take our own toys and go to our room? “Go Your Own Way!”

Reese more than 3 years ago

Schism is likely

The "do what feels right" model being foisted upon us by the COB will only lead to schism if passed. Frankly, I'm not so sure that's a bad idea at this point. Neither side will give, though unlike the author, I believe a majority of the US laity as a whole is more in line with the Traditionalist Model. With two Weslyan denominations at peace with themselves, I believe much more mission work can be accomplished.

John more than 3 years ago