The Church of Illusion: Framing the Schism Spectacle



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Same smoke and mirrors

Thank you for a reasonable, rational piece on the schism uproar. I have heard talk of schism used as a fake threat for too long, the equivalent of sound and fury, signifying nothing. It often precedes a vote at a conference.

Scott Endress more than 7 years ago

Assertion is never evidence

I agree, no urgency toward schism has been articulated regarding anything of sustance. Assertion that urgency exists provides no evidence of same. Political maneuvering of this sort should not be reacted to with fear or appeasement. Let the leaders of these megachurches take responsibility for their actions and respond accordingly. As always in church relationships, they are free as individuals to leave, but not free to leave while taking UMC assets with them. Call yourselves whatever you wish as long as you do not engage in trademark violations. Vote with your feet and congregate in abandoned 7-11s if so inclined. Buy used pulpits at auctions. But no other terms for such a schism should be considered.

George Nixon Shuler more than 8 years ago

Excellent Commentary

Jeremy, you have nailed it: the combination of money, non-connectional appointments and anonymity has turned into a manipulative force that, if these were politics, would be more clearly recognized for what it is: a grab for power by any means. And there is not one thing scriptural or Wesleyan by such a stance.

Christy Thomas more than 8 years ago