The Horcruxes for #UMC Schism Are Almost Complete – They Just Need Bishops



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I'm continually confused by the impetus for schism of the UMC. The right-wing dominates the legislature in our general conferences, yet they continually advocate for schism by deeds if not by words. On the surface, it's all "Uh-uh, we ain't gonna leave - you leave!" but underneath they have an escape hatch leading to lifeboats they keep hidden.

If this was really about where we stand on the issues of adherence to religious right political correctness as they advocate, or the Mainline Social Gospel tradition of Raudenbusch, Fosdick, et all, then we could have an amiable divorce. But since it is about dominance, power, and control, this sort of drama is a feature, not a bug, in the program.

It is not like the situation of the abused spouse, who, upon being knocked to the floor by the abuser is then told, "You see, you made me do that!" I would quit and join the Episcopal Church in a New York minute if I wasn't worried about people left behind with our abusive overlords.

George Nixon Shuler more than 5 years ago