The Problem of “Practicing” in The UMC: A Portent of a Harmful Future



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Let's walk this through

IF Homosexuality is incompatible with Christian teaching;
logically homosexuals cannot be Christian.

That's what 'incompatible' means.

Oh, they'll SAY that they love everyone (incompatible),
and that their church is open to ALL (incompatible),
And that non-practicing is okay (incompatible),
And that it's not personal, it's the Word of God (incompatible!)

But 'incompatible' doesn't come from the Bible, it comes from the Book of Discipline.
That term was added in 1972 - and the views on homosexuality in our culture has changed DRAMATICALLY since then. Our awareness of full, loving, committed relationships INCLUDES the LGBTQIA+ spectrum of sexuality.

'Incompatible' is a word that we can change.
And it's a word that we should change.

There's a great link in the article that is probably overlooked. Let me call it out here:

JR more than 2 years ago

Same Gender Marriage

I am a feminist, a strong liberal and proud of it. I am, also, heterosexual, something over which I had no control, I was born to be heterosexual. I am married and have been for 60 years, this coming month. I do not discuss what my husband and I do in the privacy of our bedroom with friends or family. I doubt that anyone else does, either. So, why are the Traditionalists so focused on what others do in the privacy of their own homes? I would think that there are more pressing issues for Rob Renfroe, and Tom Lambrect to direct their energies. I can name some, the inequality that is so prevalent in our nation, the rights of minorities being eroded, day by day. Voting rights, especially in some areas of our nation are denied people who are not "lily white." Women are wholly human and fully capable of making their own reproductive decisions with the help of their physicians, and not their minister, a man or woman who is educated as a theologian, not a physician or nurse. Therefore, the clergy should not weigh in on medical decisions, especially the far right wing theologians. As for the issue of our LBGTQAI friends and family, again, I say, what does the person whom they love have anything to do with their competence as a nurse, doctor, lawyer or clergy person. If they have been educated as theologian they may or may not be competent in their field, but they certainly are not competent in the field of medicine, psychology or psychiatry so they should not weigh in on a person's sexual orientation, gender identity. The issue of abortion, is a medical issue and there are a myriad of reasons why a woman may opt to terminate a pregnancy. Women must have the Right to Choose, and those who are theologians should not weigh in or opine on the subject of abortion.

Carla Skidmore more than 2 years ago