The WCA is Just an Insurance Policy in Case Their #UMC takeover Fails



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Desperate situation

Reading this post gives me the impression that so called progressives are desperately on the defensive!!

Eriberto Soto more than 1 year ago


The WCA is following scripture by ministering to people about sin, rather than accepting the sin and promoting it, by letting openly gay pastor speak from the pulpit. This entire charade is simply being played out so the lawyers can figure out how to make the money work. The denomination has abandoned the calling of spreading the message, and began chasing the dollar, and tickling ears.... I left the Meth church, and I am doing my part to educate those still in it. The corruption has taken root at the top. Satan has his claws in the denomination. Open your eyes to TRUTH..... those who deter from scripture are false teachers and brothers, homosexuality is sin, a homosexual in the pulpit is blasphemous, and a denomination that supports that is for sure going to be swallowed up by our righteous and just God. Preach all the love and compassion that you want.... but His will be done, and His wrath is swift. Let those who want to leave, walk away with all the property that they have. Let them step away and return to a pure Bible based teaching and save souls. Let them be free to continue the work of the original 12. Do not let greed and pride and worldly lusts block the denomination from doing the right thing.

matt more than 1 year ago

Oh, please, who would really want to “takeover” the UMC?

One of my “traditional” values is to avoid bad investments. UMC is now among the worst:
• Many churches in full rebellion over “the rules”: They already have gay clergy, even do gay weddings. No matter what happens in 2019, they will never accept a return to traditional rules.
• Many churches in full rebellion over the ignoring of “the rules” against gay clergy and weddings. No matter what happens in 2019, they will never accept the erasing of traditional rules.
• The future of debilitating lawsuits no matter what happens is looming. (ask Episcopalians)
• UMC is already struggling financially, with programs and grants being cut all over the world.
• UMC has developed a welfare world of financial dependents who cannot begin to be self-supporting partners. Outreach needs income to keep on…
• UMC continues to lose members, individuals and families who just never return.
WCA is indeed an alternative for some traditionalists who will not accept the “One Church” charade, but not the only one. Mega-churches, and some small non-denominationals, are attracting conservatives. Here in Texas, for example, “The All Around Cowboy Church”, un-heard-of a few years ago, is adding on (just "old time religion")!
What I find so frustrating is the pre-occupation with the legal mumbo-jumbo, the secret work of committees, the self-serving bishops, the disregard for the obvious: Examples: Presbyterians split over these same issues in the 80’s, following the Lutherans which split in the 70’s. All factions appear to be surviving. Episcopalians did not split, instead liberally voting to become “the church of what’s-happenin’-now” and appears to be one generation from rigor mortis. Learn from history, y’all!

Reese more than 1 year ago


Then they are doing exactly what they set out to do. I prefer fixing The UMC. Leaving is plan b. The progressives prefer splitting The UMC and suing for property.

Kevin more than 1 year ago

Fixing it by making it another right-wing political organization, that is.

Fixed it for you.

George Nixon Shuler more than 1 year ago

You are absolutely right

First a disclaimer: Even though I am a traditional, I am not part of the WCA, I feel no loyalty to them and I do not in any way support them. I simply observe them like I simply observe progressives. I do prefer their theology over yours.

From the get-go the WCA has made it very plain that their first goal was to try and return The UMC to its true theological roots and, failing that, Plan B was be to set up a new denomination. I have yet to hear what plan B progressives have if they fail to "Take over #UMC". You sound like you feel threatened so maybe you need to consider an alternative plan. I am curious, when two conflicting mind sets are trying to inhabit the same "space", what other outcome is there than one finally gains control?

betsy more than 1 year ago

WCA opposed to people?

I see the WCA in support of people listening to God rather than their feelings. That is especially true of sexuality. To tell people they are not sinning, when they are is not truthful, loving or leading people to the light of Christ. Worst of all, it traps them in sin and so much in need of a Savior.

Skipper more than 1 year ago

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