#UMC Bishops: We Need You to Speak Against Hate [Guest Post]



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There's no surprise

...that Muslims and LGBTs, among others, are frequently victims of physical and sometimes lethal violence when the right-wing demonizes them. Examples: In one town a rumor spread just after 9-11 that a Palestinian convenience store owner said the attacks were deserved, but it turned out the rumor was started by a white competitor down the road. Our far-right caucuses in the UMC routinely sneer at LGBTs, describing their capacities to love as a "lifestyle," and emit particular venom toward transfolk for which they should be sorely ashamed – the creation of the fear-mongering vicious attack that somehow heterosexual women are in danger from transwomen in public toilets, for example, is a clear example of their willingness to lie regardless of the harm their lies do, to advance their own power and control over others.

George Nixon Shuler more than 5 years ago