United Methodists Need One Way Forward, not Three



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Poor Solomon

Davids dying instructions to his son Solomon are given in I Kings 2:2-3. "As for me, I am going the way of all the earth. Be strong and brave, and keep your obligation to the Lord your God to walk in His ways and to keep His statutes, commandments, judgments, and testimonies." How sad that Solomon turned from God after such a good beginning. It seems to me that many have turned from God today. This Commission has the opportunity to restore the ways of the Lord in the United Methodist Church and so be used by the Lord. The final recommendation will not please all. They need to make sure it pleases the Lord God, giver of life and the Ten Commandments.

Skipper more than 3 years ago


This post is disgustingly depressing. Because it's so obviously "par for the course" in the UMC's process for deciding anything by the GC.
The writer should make a strong case that AWF should focus, focus, focus on a single recommendation to the Council of Bishops that they could tweak/perfect and present to the GC as a united front proposal. Then any alternative "substitute motion" would have to be passed in the face of united opposition by our episcopacy. Anything less than this level of unanimity is typical wishy-washy "let's try to keep everybody happy" solution of kicking the can down the road. So that eventually somebody will need to have the leadership skills to chart a new direction for whatever institutional structure survives 2019.

Wayne Jones more than 3 years ago

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cynthiaadmin (United Methodist Insight) more than 3 years ago

Just One Way Forward

The excluding language must be taken out of the Book of Discipline. I certainly hope the Council on AWF has heard and studied this well written statement.

Karen Bueno more than 3 years ago