WCA-affiliated Church Defies Bishop’s Authority to Reappoint Its Pastor



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Rev. Ray and Mt. Bethel

Rev. Ray was reassigned to punish him and Mt. Bethel. To believe or say otherwise is disingenuous. Also Jeremy, as a 30 year Methodist (now ex-Methodist), who has held multiple administrative roles in multiple Methodist churches, the episcopacy does nothing but hurt the local church. The connectional church government and itineracy are outdated. All UMC churches should withhold apportionments and send the UMC into bankruptcy. There perhaps local churches will return to the Great Commission.

Pastor Jeff 151 days ago

A church in revolt

As a long time Methodist member (even before it became UMC), I miss the emphasis on saving souls for the kingdom of God. We have become little more than a secular social services agency who bickers about which church is more holy - the ones who pay their apportionment or those who can get involved in the most social service outreach programs? Gone are the days of the Wesley itinerant pastors who moved every few years. Now many pastors are allowed to "homestead" at a church for 20-30 years as long as they encourage payment of their apportionment and don't try to "buck" the UMC political system, Conference Bishop or their District DS. In my district I am aware of two pastors who were allowed to homestead for 30+ years at their church and then retire. Plus, there are pastors, such as Rev Hamilton at Resurrection Church, who are allowed to stay in place for years because the church pays its apportionment (plus) and the local congregation is very powerful in the UMC political arena. I think Bishops also need term limits as they have become very politically powerful (brings to mind the US Senate or House). I hate to see a split in our future, but I think God is allowing that to happen so we will get back to our roots of being focused on evangelism first and social services outreach second. It is my belief that saved souls are more equipped to effectively transform social systems!

CJ 154 days ago

The question is Authority of Truth

The real battle in the Methodist Church is over Truth. It happens that in order to have, maintain and defend Truth you must have Authority.

If the "church" is not holding up The Truth of Christ, then wouldn't it be justified for a Church to defy the authority that is in place? That is the real issue.

When entire Conferences are allowed to defy authority because they are following their version of "truth", how can you blame a local church for following their "truth"?

The bottom line is (as a Former Methodist of 20 years), there is no "Truth" in the Methodist Church and Methodists are contributing to our Society which says "there is no objective truth". I had to leave and now have deeply researched all the denominations and the Roman Catholic Church is the only place where TRUTH is held up, defended and taught. I invite all to investigate this for yourself :)

Patrick Steil

Patrick Steil 154 days ago

Cut off the Money, Just Walk Away

Got a problem with your bishop and/or annual conference? Just cut off their money.

Maybe just walk away and leave them with an emptry church building to maintain without a congregation to do the work!

Church building idolatry can keep you from fulfilling your dream

Richard Hicks 154 days ago


"Got a problem with your bishop and/or annual conference'? Perhaps just let God handle the accountability? Rather than worshipping 'THINGS', obsessively focusing on money, missing the God-given opportunity to love ALL people, how about just walking away and freeing the rest of us from your misery?

w.f. f meiklejohn 154 days ago