What #NextMethodism Really Says About the #UMC



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I really don't see . . .

the Progressive message that sexual perversion should be accepted as Christian conduct ever being accepted by the United Methodist Church. If only they could stop talking and listen. God's message will change your life!

Skipper Anding more than 4 years ago

I am ready for the next Methodism

Because it is high time the church stops trying to change the world through legislated social justice initiatives and reclaim what Wesley really did that brought Methodism into existence: connect individuals to God and then to each other in a life transforming relationship.

Betsy more than 4 years ago

A view from the pew

As a lifelong Methodist/United Methodist, I wholeheartedly agree with the first 6 statements. When it comes to the 7th, although I do not agree with the way it is worded, I am absolutely not a fan of the theological plurality that currently leaves the church collectively teaching nothing in particular and speaking with conflicting and contradictory voices to the rest of the world. For all the way the Methodist/United Methodist Church was a means of grace in my life, it also left me with a muddled understanding of God. As a result, I spent way too much of my life living in a non-descript gray area unable to find peace with either God of the world. As John Wesley stated, that is an absolutely miserable place to be. So yes, I am looking for a "new and improved" version of the church. The best way forward for the church is a spiritual renewal and to date the best hope of that is with seedbed.com and the New Room Conference.

Besy more than 4 years ago