What Really Happens When a Church Leaves the UMC



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We left and thrived.

I was a local pastor in the WPAUMC AC. The church I was serving couldn't afford to maintain the building they had and the A.C. gave no options of help, so we went nondenominational. Since then we have found new partnerships with other non profit groups, the congregation has grown and we been blessed with new offerings that let us do more ministry with less financial concerns. We no longer worry about keeping our lights on and paying the franchise fee to the UMC. Instead we can now help the poor and needy keep their lights and heat on. The UMC is not THE church, just a bureaucratic denomination that is under Gods church. More churches should run from the denomination as it is only possible to serve one master. This article proves it since it was just about financial concerns.

Keith Maryin more than 2 years ago

Response to "What Really Happens"

When the perceived price to stay is greater than the price to leave, churches will leave.

Mike Lyons more than 4 years ago

Response to "What Really Happens ...."

The article misses the point. When the general church refuses to follow the Discipline and the mandates of Scripture then there are some who feel that they can no longer support such a system. Where is the integrity in bishops pressing local churches to pay apportionments while advocating the violation of the Discipline in other areas? These people are not leaving the UMC it has left them.

John Stumbo more than 4 years ago

What really happens

It's not really a matter of the congregations leaving the UMC. It's that the congregations feel the UMC has left the scriptural authority of the Bible and its own Book of Discipline. They probably still believe in the Wesleyan way of salvation.

William Pearsall more than 4 years ago

Mark 2: 27

Ask yourself this question. Is the church made for human or human made for the church? Is a church made for the annual conference or the annual conference made for a church?

Won Un more than 4 years ago

What Really Happens

I would question how much concern the typical member has for church matters outside the local congregation. It would seem here that there is a fear something will be imposed on their church that is contrary to their thinking. Obviously, nothing has happened as of yet and it is a question whether anything will in the future. It is doubtful that appeals to sympathy in the reduction of income to the AC, etc. would carry much weight. If one is so disaffected from the UMC as to secede, why should there be concern about the continuance of the UMC's activities? Given the changing demographics of the UMC, the elephant in the room may be African.

David more than 4 years ago