What's a Christian to Do with a Cheater-in-Chief?



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Interesting Food For Thought

I've been meditating on the appeal of Trump to bullies, and on bullying itself, the latter at least since being so victimized at age 4 for the first time. I've examined the lives of those who bullied me and much like Alex Abramovitch in his memoir, "Bullies: A Friendship," I've found however incongruent and unlikely it seems, that they, the bullies, tend to view themselves as the victims more often than not. However miserable us victims of bullies' home lives may have been, it is often easy to see that those of our tormentors were even more miserable in most cases. That we by our mere existence threaten them is hard to fathom, but, there it is. A relative recalled an anecdote about me in third grade, around the time my bete noire organized a group about ten strong to chunk rocks at me, on a day when I was out sick from school, the teacher asked a question that no one knew the answer but one boy piped up, "If Nicky was here, he'd know!" Imagine how torturous such a thing was for my average-average adversary, whose sawed-off livestock auctioneer father (Maybe 5'0" in stocking feet) was known to enforce discipline with his fists, and whose mother and he lived in the city while his dad was on the road from auction barn to stockyard across the Southwest. Yes, putting yourself in the other's shoes is often just like that. To be told of your own inadequacy especially in terms of intelligence and sensitivity, well, look...these folks saw this election as one between Reese Witherspoon's character Tracy Flick of "Election" and Biff Tanner of "Back to the Future," so it's no wonder why they voted as they did, especially when you add the racial animus to it.

George Nixon Shuler more than 4 years ago

President Trump

The reaction to Donald Trump being elected convinces me that this is God's work. Early in the primaries I completely rejected him. I held my nose and voted for him. Now I enthustically support him. President Trump has disrupted the world! I pray for and Praise him. Where was there discussion of cheating such as this when Bill Clinton was President? President Trump is good hearted and making far more happen one way or another than anyone can see! I am looking to return to the United Methodist Church so I am interested in Methodist perspectives.

Ray Murray more than 4 years ago